Bretscher lab alumni and friends: ASCB Annual Meeting December, 2016

Bretscher lab alumni and friends: ASCB Annual Meeting December, 2016

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August 2016: Institute Retreat

August 2016: Institute Retreat

April 2016: Another new publication!

April 2016: Another new publication!

July 2014: Celebrating a new publication

July 2014: Celebrating a new publication – Alberto was not in the photo as he took the picture.


Celebrating a new US Citizen – August 2013

Celebrating a new US Citizen – August 2013

Lab group in 2012

Lab group in 2012


Shocking Discovery!!!

Abe Hanono in our lab found this cell stained with DAPI showing
the chromosomes of the cell in the shape of a little man.
Click the image for a larger view that reveals Abe’s shocking discovery.


 Lab Pint Glasses
To celebrate our lab’s vibrant history as well as our recent recreational
yeast projects we designed our own pint glasses.

Lab Celebration











We had a lab celebration in December 2011 to thank Janet Ingraffea for 15 years
of outstanding management of the lab, and to welcome Dave McDermitt.

~ Lab Picnics & Adventures ~

2012-Bretscher Lab Picnic


 In July 2012, we once again headed
to the Cornell Plantations
for a summer picnic.







In August of 2007 the lab enjoyed a picnic at the Cornell Plantations
to celebrate the birthday of Janet Ingraffea. 




Summer Retreats

A highlight of the summer in our lab is the somewhat annual retreat to the Adirondacks. Tony and his family entertain the lab by inviting us to their summer cabin for a weekend of hiking, water sports, resting and eating. This is by no means a small undertaking as 22 people attended in 1998. The Adirondacks is a huge State Park in upstate New York with a mixture of private and public lands throughout. The park contains rolling mountains with many lakes and streams nestled into the valleys and forests up to the edge of the water.

Bretscher Summer Retreat 1 - Castle Rock

In late September 2012, the Lab again journeyed to the Bretscher cabin on Raquette Lake.
The weather was far from perfect, but fun was had by all!

2012 Raquette Lake - collage

1998 Retreat









The group above descended onto the Bretscher camp in 1998. If you click the photo, and look carefully at the feet of the people in the left side, you will notice the dock was beginning to sink due to the weight of the party!

1999 Retreat












Fewer people were able to attend in 1999 than came the year before, but they nevertheless had a great time! This is a picture of a portion of the 1999 group overlooking Blue Mountain Lake from a neighboring mountain (Castle Rock).

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